Ultimate Herbal Detox

Ultimate Herbal Detox
Ultimate Herbal Detox
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New Zealand made colon and liver cleansing programme

This top selling natural body detox kit is a powerful, yet gentle product that is designed to remove a build-up of unwanted toxins, providing your body with the perfect tune up and a return to its natural rhythms.

The Ultimate Herbal Detox combines 100% natural herbs with essential dietary ingredients to form the best detox for the entire body.

The body cleanse detox kit is a full intestinal, colon and liver detox programme, which is completed over ten days. It leaves you feeling fresh, revitalised, light and clear. The herbal cleanse is recommended once a year to help clean your colon and remove mucoid plaque from your intestines. This plaque forms as a result of undigested food particles and acidity, which attract bacteria and parasites.

We also supply a pack of Probiotic Multi-9 (10 capsules) to restore the nine most important live bacteria found in our intestines.
These should be consumed immediately following the Ultimate Herbal Detox program. They repopulate the digestive system with good bacteria, replacing the bad bacteria that are removed during the detoxification process.


Your healthy DETOX program includes...

  • Heavy Metal DETOX (with both Clinatro and Chlorella) Heavy Metal Detox herbs have been added to assist in the removal metallic toxic substances from the body. Metals such as Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadium, Lead and Mercury can build up over time and negatively affect your health. The new Detox will assist in the removal of these toxic substances.
  • Pre-biotics. Chia seeds, Aloe Vera, Slippery Elm and many more. This gives the colon a much more gentle bulking soluble and insoluble fibre and gentle laxative effect while providing protein, mucilage prebiotics and a broad range of nutrients to support a healthy colon.
  • Digestive Enzymes including Papain and Bromelian
  • Parasite Cleanse, with Black Walnut, Cloves and Wormwood
  • Liver support with MIlk Thistle 7000mg Daily, Dandelion, Goldenseal and Barley Grass
  • 480 capsules of powerful Herbal Detox Products
  • User Guide and Recipe Booklet with 30 great new recipes
  • Now includes the 7 Day Super Hero DETOX program



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