Ultimate Herbal Cleanse Reviews

Thank you for your great service!


Hi There. I have just finished your herbal cleanse and all I can say is A MAZE ING!! I feel fantastic. best thing I have ever done. I feel energised. Am getting married next week, with a glowing complexion a smaller waistline, and cleaned from inside out. Thank you.
p.s I will recommend this to everyone!!!


I have just completed the Ultimate Herbal Detox. Recently I came across a brochure of the Ultimate Herbal Detox and decided to give it a go. Finally, I found something that worked for me and feeling fantastic. Never once felt hungry, just a great feeling having removed all those toxins. Thank you.


Kia ora, I have just completed your herbal detox. It's been 17 days since we prepared and then took the herbal capsules. Wow so many benefits to tell you about that have happened for me. My partner bought this as a birthday present and the results have been amazing. Thankyou I am very grateful for this product, the book was very helpful reading and the website did support me when I was feeling like I needed forbidden foods outside of the plan.
Noho ora mai Anna


I recently purchased the herbal cleanse kit and just took the last of my herbal tablets this morning. I am intending to carry on with the healthy eating thing indefinitely as I am feeling 500% better than I have for a long time with heaps more energy, better skin, fantastic weight management - the list goes on. It has been incredibly easy to stick to the plan. My crockpot has gone the whole time just about, making batch after batch of delicious soup and I am eating heaps more fruit and veg than I have in a long time.


Following my first Detox I can emphatically state that I felt marvellous following each one. With the second Detox I felt a more spiritual Detox as well as the other great benefits.


Feeling fantastic. Thank you.


At the end my thinking was clearer, my energy had returned and healthy eating habits had been re-established. I no longer craved those unhealthy foods that I knew I shouldn't be eating.


Wow! Words cannot describe the results I achieved from the Ultimate Herbal Detox! My weight was a constant battle. I tried detoxes of other brands which did not seem to help either. I visited my Naturopath and he put me on to this 10 day herbal cleanse program. I completed it with wonderful results. For the first time in my life, my stomach is flat. It's the best Detox on the market.


After completing the Herbal Detox I feel great. I have not only lost that bloated feel around my stomach, I have a more positive outlook and feel more energetic. I found the Detox easy to do as I was never hungry. I drank smoothies made of soya milk, yoghurt, olive oil and fruit. I made kumara and pumpkin soups for dinner with garlic onion and spices. Thank you.


I recently completed The Ultimate Herbal Detox and would like to pass on a few words in the way of a testimonial. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years and have lived primarily on raw food and juices for the past 8 years. I am 47 years young. I am a veteran of fasts, detoxes, and the sometimes bewildering choices in what we call ‘natural' health. I completed the Ultimate Herbal Detox and I feel great, with unlimited energy. Mental clarity is high. I plan to do the Detox annually and I highly recommend it to anyone intent on releasing built-up toxins from the body. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness. Many heartfelt thanks for providing such an excellent tool for health.


Both my wife and self have just finished the 10 day Herbal Detox Kit. We both feel very good after the Detox. Less hungry, Not eating between meals, no craving for the sweet thing. We will be doing it again.


Hi there - recently I completed your herbal cleanse and did it over 10 days. I'm generally a healthy eater but, like anyone, liked junk food every now and then and so felt like I should give my body a spring clean. What a great product you market - I found it extremely beneficial and felt quite different at the end of it all. The biggest change though was my mood - it totally elevated my mood and I felt extremely good and positive towards the end of the course, plus had a lot more clarity. I was expecting other changes, but those two stood out most. I also had more energy afterwards, and now I tend to watch what I put in my body.


I have recently completed the Ultimate Herbal Detox. On the package it says that emotional issues may also be addressed when going through the program. I found this to be true, as times of emotional upset surfaced and quickly resolved, both while awake and in dreams. I am thrilled at my new-found state of ease, well-being and contentment. My body looks and feels so different, a much better place to live in. Also the food I eat now tastes so much better. Now, a week after the Detox I still keep noticing on-going changes for the better. Many thanks for making this wonderful product available.
Erwin (Pacific islands)


Completed your herbal cleanse in 10 days - found it very beneficial. Definitely recommend to others. No problems as my diet is similar to your recommendations. Thanks.