Super Brew

Super Brew
Super Brew
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Formulated in New Zealand

The Super Brew is a select blend of 22 superfoods from around the globe, each having it's own unique quality to impact your health. The Super Brew is packed with antioxidants to strengthen your body against free radical attack. Each 300g bag contains approximately 30 table-spoons and each tablespoon has approximately 6000 ORAC units (oxygen radical absorption units) for optimum health and minimal free radical damage. (Around 5000 ORAC units are recommended per day.)

The Super brew contains small amounts of caffeine from the cacao and coffee bean. Each 10 gram serving of the Super Brew contains only 5mg of caffeine. A cup of coffee contains 100-200mg. So the energy you feel is not from the caffeine. The raw coffee and Cacoa provide a clean clear energy different from the stimulatingaffect of the roasted beans. Raw coffee bean and cacao bean are renowned as amazing superfoods good for optimum health.

All these superfoods contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, good fatty acids (omegas), ellagic acids, polyphenols and many more for supporting healthy bodily functions like respiratory system, cardio system, immune system, digestive system, joint function, skin health, vision, staying youthful and general wellbeing.

We have combined the world's most powerful superfoods for the ultimate antioxidant hit.



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